Albert Vieille – 150 pure and natural aromatic raw materials

Albert Vieille

Albert Vieille: A Century of Savoir-Faire

Our company, founded in the Grasse region, is specialized in the distillation and extraction of responsibly sourced medicinal and perfume plants, providing you with 100% pure and natural products, for professionals working in the perfumery, food, cosmetics, and aromatherapy markets.

Our history

100% Pure and Natural Is All We Do

As an aromatic raw materials specialist, we are committed to bringing you the best nature has to offer.

100% Pure, because the raw material has a single geographic origin, meaning we can distinguish its chemical composition and identify chemotypes.

100% Natural because the raw material is obtained using physical processes in accordance with the ISO 9235 standard.

Our charter

Our Aromatherapy and Cosmetics selection

From Somalian frankincense to Italian Roman chamomile, from French Centifolia rose to Spanish cistus, we work with aromatherapists to carefully select our essential oils, absolutes, and floral waters based on their biochemical profiles and propertiess.

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Our Fragrances & Flavors selection

From Indian Sambac jasmine to Brazilian tonka bean, from French blackcurrant bud to Tunisian orange blossom, our essential oils, floral waters, absolutes, and resinoids are rigorously selected. We even have a COSMOS-certified range for your natural fragrances.

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