As a company, we are aware that we have to take our share of responsibility in protecting our future. At Albert Vieille, we have chosen to have a positive and sustainable impact on our entire value chain, promoting health, safety and ethics in all our relationships, working to protect the climate, environment and biodiversity, assessing and monitoring every step of the life cycle of our products.

To ensure a rigorous process for our organic certifications, we work with one of the world’s largest organic certification bodies, ECOCERT, which has 30 years of expertise and conducts inspections in over 80 countries.

The European Organic agriculture certification guarantees:

◦ Climate and environment protection.
◦ Conservation of soil fertility.
◦ Preservation of biodiversity.
◦ Respect for natural cycles and animal welfare.
◦ Absence of use of chemical and synthetic products.
◦ Absence of GMO.
◦ Transparent labeling for consumers.




Over the past few decades, the urgent need for authenticity and meaning, for reconnecting with nature and self-care, has created a more conscious generation of consumers. The shift back to naturalness has become a growing concern that is guiding consumer attitudes, whether in lifestyle, food or care products. 

At Albert Vieille, most of our essential oils, absolutes and resinoids are certified COSMOS approved by ECOCERT which sustains their naturality and supports their use in your COSMOS Organic or COSMOS Natural cosmetics.

This certification complies with the requirements of the COSMOS standard developed by recognized certification bodies – BDIH (Germany), COSMEBIO & ECOCERT (France), ICEA (Italy) and SOIL ASSOCIATION (UK) – to define common rules for organic and natural cosmetics at the international level.




Our future lies in our ability to create exemplary and sustainable business models, based on a win-win principle through the implementation of good economic, social and environmental practices.

At Albert Vieille, we choose to act responsibly by referring to the Fair For Life standard, a certification program promoting fair trade in agriculture, manufacturing and trade, encouraging supply chains that share value among all stakeholders.

The Fair for Life standard is based on 3 commitments:

◦ Respect for human rights and fair working conditions.
◦ Respect of the ecosystem and promotion of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture practices.
◦ Respect and betterment of local impact.

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