Our commitments

Our 100% Pure and Natural Charter

100% Pure

Our aromatic products are:

  • 100% Pure because every material is sourced from a plant that has been botanically identified by genus, species, or subspecies name to avoid any possible confusion with common names.
  • 100% Pure because the growing methods and harvested portion of the plant are clearly established.
  • 100% Pure because the material has a single geographic origin, meaning we can distinguish its chemical composition and identify chemotypes.

Our aromatic products are also:

100% Natural because they are obtained using physical processes established in the terms and conditions of the ISO 9235 standard. The aromatic raw material undergoes no chemical modification during such processing.

100% Natural, our aromatic products are not denatured by the addition of any organic materials (vegetable oils, etc.) or petrochemical ingredients (synthetic molecules, etc.).

These processes are:

  • distillation: hydrodistillation, steam distillation, or dry and fractional distillation;
  • extraction using organic volatile solvents;
  • cold expression, a mechanical process used primarily for citrus

Quality Control
The guarantee of authenticity

We guarantee the quality, purity, and naturalness of our products by conducting strict and systematic physicochemical, chromatographic, and olfactory controls in our laboratory and with our partners.

Expertise based on a century of savoir-faire

Olfactory control

Our in-house panel of experts conducts olfactory controls on all our materials. Then, guided by our repository of olfactory descriptors, we select the materials that offer the highest degree of naturalness possible.

Based on ISO and AFNOR standards as well as existing pharmacopoeial monographs, we have established internal specifications for verifying the concentration of characteristic molecules present in each material.

We take part in drafting standards and monographs through our membership on specific expert commissions, including:

  • AFNOR, as part of the Essential Oils Commission
  • The French Pharmacopoeia (a regulatory text), as part of the Medicinal Plants and Essential Oils Committee

Monitoring regulations: we ensure that our products respect the regulations governing our various markets; we are also members of a number of associations and unions, including Cosmed, France Chimie, and SNIAA.

Committing sustainably

In a complex, demanding, and constantly evolving context, the Albert Vieille company has undertaken a process of continuous improvement to better respond to environmental, social, and economic issues.

Our Integrated Management System is built in accordance with recognized standards and current regulations to satisfy our stakeholders’ requirements in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Ethics.

We receive a double certification for ISO 9001:2015* and ISO 14001:2015**. These certificates recognise our quality and environmental management system.

«The immense botanical resources required to produce essential oils are only justified if our actions are governed by a profound respect for people and the environment, as well as vigilance concerning the perpetuation of species.»

Preserving nature

We are committed to having a positive and lasting impact on our entire value chain, to reduce our environmental footprint. We take into account the global life cycle of our products, from sourcing our raw materials responsibly and sustainably to treating our waste, from training our partners to minimizing our energy consumption.

We promote health, safety, and ethics in all our relationships. Our actions create a safe and healthy work environment, empowering individuals and honoring the principles of good conduct. The wellbeing of each and every person in our world contributes to the excellence of our products.

We are scrupulous in our compliance with all applicable standards and regulations. We meet GMP2* requirements and have implemented an HACCP3* program to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

* Good Manufacturing Practices
* Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, an internationally-recognized food safety management system

We see our policy as a source and stimulus of continuous improvement. We constantly strive to continuously improve our performance, guided by established key objectives and indicators and assessed in periodic and annual process reviews.

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