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Albert Vieille

Our raison d’être
« To restore the link between human beings and nature through aromatic raw materials. »
Albert Vieille specialiste matiere pour Fragrance et aromathérapie

Our specialty

Based on more than a century of experience in Vallauris, France, we produce and source exceptional ingredients, essential oil, floral water, scented water, absolute, concrete, resinoid, gum resin. Over the years we have strengthened our expertise as distiller and producer. We have also established supply chains that are exclusive to Albert Vieille to be as close as possible to the source.

We select carefully our aromatic raw materials : with our 100% Pure and Natural charter we guarantee the quality and traceability of our products. We have more than 150 aromatic products for professionals working in the perfumery, food, cosmetics, and aromatherapy markets.

“What matters most to us at Albert Vieille is being an authentic, reliable source of natural raw materials, such that you may incorporate them into your formulas with pride.”

Albert Vieille:
A History Rooted in the Land


The history of Albert Vieille began with its first founder, Marius Laborma, when he opened a business in Vallauris selling bitter orange peel, known as coulanes. He then began distilling and extracting the essences of plants and flowers such as rose, orange tree, and iris from the nearby city of Grasse, the perfume capital of the world.


Marius Laborma’s son-in-law, Albert Vieille, joined the company in 1948 and took over part of the Laborma factory business to found the Albert Vieille company, specializing in the distribution of natural aromatic materials. Over the years, he forged a wide network of partners in several countries. Many raw materials then began being imported, from Tunisian neroli to German chamomile from Morocco, from Indian jasmine to mandarin petitgrain from Egypt.


Georges Ferrando, who joined the company in 1984, was appointed Chairman and CEO and the business expanded and diversified, notably with the acquisition of Aromasur, an extraction and distillation site in Seville, Spain. This year also marked the start of the first strong guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.


A quality control laboratory was established at the Vallauris location. All raw materials used by the company began undergoing rigorous physicochemical, chromatographic, and olfactory testing, leading to the creation of a quality benchmark system. A Research & Development department was also formed, with a pilot molecular-distillation unit and a production pilot.


The Fondation Nouvel Air, with a French name that is a play on words meaning both “new air” and “new era,” was created to provide local solutions to improve indoor air quality through purification and olfactory techniques. The creation of this foundation is in keeping with Albert Vieille’s raison d’être.


Albert Vieille joined the Grasse Expertise collective trademark that unites professionals from the fragrance, flavors, cosmetics, and health and well-being industries in the region.

Grasse expertise gathers a complete ecosystem including entrepreneurs, creators/designers, experts, growers, scientists, training organizations, trade associations, institutional and territorial actors, as well as competitiveness clusters.


This year was a turning point for the company as it joined the Givaudan group, world leader on the fragrance and flavors market, a new chapter that strengthens our expertise in fragrances and aromatherapy.

A century of the skills related to perfume in the Pays de Grasse, listed as part of UNESCO’s tangible cultural heritage of humanity

A family history

Gouvernance Albert Vieille
Gouvernance Albert Vieille

Our governance

The company is a place of co-creation and sharing, composed of 50 people and having several key centers of activity. Albert Vieille key activity centers are: SOURCING, PRODUCT, SALES & MARKETING, OPERATIONS, QHSEE.

“We are all guided by our raison d’être.”


Ensuring the sustainable, high-quality supply of products while respecting the planet and its peoples for perfumery, food, cosmetics, and aromatherapy markets.


Selecting, inspecting, and ensuring the quality of our 100% Pure and Natural materials, while satisfying our markets’ regulatory standards. We also add value to aromatic raw materials through scientific and technical developments and innovations.

Sales & Marketing

Fulfilling the needs of our clients around the world, from order to delivery, and sharing the values of the Albert Vieille SAS brand.


Applying our expertise to operations, production, and reprocessing systems so as to deliver a product that satisfies needs and desires. We receive and process raw materials and ship the finished products to our clients.


Continuously improving our Integrated Management System (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Ethics) by ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and satisfying the demands of our clients and other stakeholders.

Our operations around the world

Because we know it is important to be close to our clients, we have an international presence and have developed a global distributor network. We are here for you, wherever you are. Feel free to get in touch!

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