Fragrances & Flavors

the essence of the plant

Versatile processing equipment

Our multipurpose production units mean we are able to process and produce a wide range of aromatic materials that are emblematic in the world of perfumery:

  • Processing of gum-resins, such as elemi and Peru balsam, fresh raw materials, such as cistus, dried raw materials, such as pink peppercorn, and concretes, such as osmanthus.
  • Varied processing lines: extraction, steam distillation, hydrodistillation, rectification, and extraction
  • Production of essential oils, absolutes, floral waters, and resinoids

We also have a mobile distillery to distill botanical raw materials as near to the fields as possible, the moment the plants are harvested. This equipment also helps us safeguard the supply chains and provide direct support to agricultural projects.

Our processing expertise has been greatly enhanced over the past 30 years at our production center in Andalusia, Spain, in the Almaden de la Plata province.
At this site on the edge of the Sierra Norte Natural Park, we are vigilant about limiting our environmental footprint and our equipment reflects that commitment, such as our biomass boiler and closed-loop cooling system.
We remain very involved in the local life and economy by employing people from the area and supporting sports activities.

Responsible sourcing for exceptional materials

Our attention to nature and the people who nurture it ensures we offer raw materials of great quality. From Laotian benzoin to Damask rose from Turkey, from Indian jasmine to Somalian myrrhe, we import aromatic raw materials from every corner of the world.

Preserving nature

We care deeply about working with partners who are committed to sustainable growing and harvesting practices. Our teams are also dedicated to improving our partners’ practices, providing them with daily support in mastering agronomic, technical, and regulatory challenges.

Albert Vieille supports its agricultural partners all over the world by establishing reciprocal, win-win commitments regarding quality, volume, and fair pricing, all established by mutual agreement. We also help our partners by outlining best practices and developing new agricultural technologies.

We implement harvest-to-export control plans to ensure the legality of wild and at-risk raw materials, as well as regeneration of resources. We verify the traceability of raw materials as far back to the source as possible, such as for elemi. We have also established supply chains that are exclusive to Albert Vieille, including Iris pallida, Cistus ladanifer, and Everlasting picardii, where we have oversight from the planting to the processing.

Our raw materials
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The quest for excellence

Developing new products

Our laboratory makes it possible for us to develop new products using high-performance equipment, such as a pilot molecular-distillation unit and a pilot production unit. These new products are then manufactured on an industrial scale at our production unit near Seville, Spain.

The specialties we have created include Spanish cistus SEV absolute, Indonesian patchouli heart, and El Salvadoran coffee absolute.

Bringing out the best of the natural raw material

The expertise of our R&D laboratory is born of a ceaseless enrichment of our knowledge and expertise through collaboration with public research institutions such as the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, French national scientific research center) in Lyon, Université Côte d’Azur UCA, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA, French national institute for agricultural research) in Avignon, and the Innov’Alliance competitiveness cluster.
To meet the needs of the fragrances and flavors market, we have established:

  • A continuous improvement plan in Research & Development for more environmentally responsible processes and co-product recovery.
  • The identification of molecules of olfactory interest in collaboration with the Institut de Chimie (Insititute of Chemistry) in Nice.
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