purThe criteria for "100% Pure"

Our aromatic products are 100% Pure because every material is sourced from a plant that has been botanically identified by genus, species, or subspecies name to avoid any possible confusion with common names. They are 100% Pure because the growing methods and harvested portion of the plant are clearly established. They are 100% Pure because the material has a single geographic origin, meaning we can distinguish its chemical composition and identify chemotypes. ;






naturelThe criteria for "100% Natural"

Our aromatic products are also 100% Natural because they are obtained using physical processes established in the terms and conditions of the ISO 9235 standard. The aromatic raw material undergoes no chemical modification during such processing.

These processes are:

-distillation: either steam distillation, or dry or fractional distillation

- extraction using organic volatile solvents

- cold expression, a mechanical process used primarily for citrus.

Our 100% Natural aromatic products are not denatured by the addition of any organic materials or petrochemical ingredients.


engagementOur commitment

We guarantee that our aromatic products are 100% pure and natural and fully meet the above criteria.

We select our growers for the quality and traceability of the raw materials and aromatic products they make available to us. We guarantee the purity and naturalness of our products by systematically performing physicochemical, chromatographic, and olfactory controls in our quality-control laboratory. We thereby supply top-quality essential oils that meet AFNOR, ISO, and European and French pharmacopoeia standards, ensuring consistent analytic and olfactory quality for our customers. We have also developed our own in-house, quality-assurance framework, particularly to address materials not yet standardized, to guarantee that every single product we offer meets our exacting quality criteria.

These internal standards were developed through our vast experience – now spanning nearly a century – as specialists in 100% Pure and Natural aromatic products..