georges-siteNatural raw materials are living substances. They are born of an ingenious collaboration between man and nature. Designed to enhance well-being and beauty, these materials are the fruit of a creative process. They bear the hallmarks of their environment – a region, a soil – and a specific savoir-faire that brings forth their unique, exquisite attributes. In this sense, they are an expression of our humanity and the finely honed embodiment of a culture. For the most part, these raw materials have been known for so long that their history is intertwined with those of entire civilizations. 

These deep roots in our memory are interwoven with the unimaginable diversity of plants everywhere on Earth. They intone a siren song calling us to an endless journey: the warmth of ylang-ylang invites us to the heat of the tropics; the upright stems of lavender beckon us to explore the temperate zones; frankincense and myrrh evoke the interiority of the desert; Atlas cedar sweeps us upward onto the mountains; amber undulates our senses onto the vast, rolling ocean; and vetiver plunges us into the very belly of the Earth. This wealth of essential oils thereby opens the door for us, such that we may better know the world in which we live.

We must protect and honor this bountiful biodiversity. The enormous botanic resources required by essential-oil production are only justified if our actions respect the environment and are careful to perpetuate the species. Such resources also assume that our supply chains are ones of shared values, and that the raw materials serve as catalysts for social cohesion. It is by virtue of this dual dimension, social and environmental, that Albert Vieille seeks to serve a better world.


Georges Ferrando - Chairman