Albert Vieille is a story and savoir-faire deeply rooted in the land. The local tradition of perfume plants has led to development of a profound understanding of olfaction, something that has become an intangible heritage for our region.




In 1920, company founder Marius Laborma got his start selling bitter orange locally called “coulanes. He then expanded his activity to distillation and extraction of local plants and flowers, such as rose, orange blossom, and iris, and producing essential oils from imported plant materials. Local perfume-plant production was at its peak, and Grasse became known as the perfume capital of the world.

In 1968, his son-in-law, Albert Vieille, took over the business under the name “Albert Vieille SAS. He is credited with the developing the entire import network.

In 1984, Georges Ferrando joined the company, where he worked in various departments before becoming CEO in 1991. From this point forward, the company’s expansion was focused in three main areas: becoming open to new markets; production, through the acquisition of a production site in Seville, Spain; and research and development. In 2011, he strengthened the company’s position and direction on the social and environmental dimensions of doing business.