Specialists in 100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials, we produce and distribute a wide range of 100% pure and natural, absolutes, concretes, resinoids, gums, and floral waters.



Turning plants into essential oils entails a complex and remarkable alchemy. It is truly an art, one that involves knowing and loving distilled plants, respecting the land, its people, and the seasons. It means taking the time to wait for a plant to reach full maturity and watching its slow transformation in the still. It is born of harmony between man and nature. It means knowing how to cut back a plant so it grows more lushly next year, how to pick fruit without cutting the tree...It also means respecting and preserving this nature while honoring the cultural traditions of the people who nurture it. The founding values of Albert Vieille promote sustainable relationships with our partners. And our savoir-faire is not theoretical; it is built through experience, with the passing of time.


With our impeccable application of various processing techniques, we are able to offer 100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials. By this we mean extracted from clearly identified botanical varieties, using extraction methods that preserve the natural qualities of each product. What matters most to us is being an authentic, reliable source, embodying and sharing the values of natural aromatic raw materials with our clients, such that they might incorporate those values into their formulas..