Our quality control laboratory analyzes all aromatic raw materials supplied by our producers to select only those that meet the quality requirements of our “100% pure and natural” charter. This strict monitoring of our raw materials is your guarantee of the authentic, wholly natural character of our aromatic products.



All our materials undergo careful olfactory inspection by an in-house panel of experts. Based on our reference system of olfactory characteristic descriptions, our evaluators dissect the smell of each material, selecting only those that match the excellence of what is sought in the material’s nature.

All our materials are analytically controlled to match our own quality specifications. They are based on ISO/AFNOR standards, as well as pharmacopoeia monographs where they exist. United to form a quality control reference structure, our specifications establish the concentration ranges of many of the molecules that characterize our products, doing so for each material. These standards are ever evolving, meaning they are continuously adapted to the variations that exist in natural products.

We also lend our expertise to helping to draft standards and monographs, serving on:

We are a member of the PASS (Parfums Arômes Senteurs Saveurs) competitiveness cluster and a partner to the ERINI (European Research Institute on Natural Ingredients) collaborative analytical platform, which performs analytical research in the field of natural products to characterize, quantify, and authenticate, as well as to explore regulatory issues, such as allergens and pesticides.