Our production site is near Seville, Spain. This privileged location gives us access to a great number of endemic plants.



We handle the distillation and extraction of local plants such as ciste, luisieri, or everlasting flower. We also work with plants that are emblematic and precious to the perfume industry, such as Tonka bean, iris, myrrh, and incense. Our site is equipped with eight distillation, rectification, and solvent-extraction units.

Set in the Almaden de la Plata nature reserve, our site has enjoyed well-preserved natural surroundings since 1974. The adjacent plains, covered with ciste and luisieri, provide us with pure botanical material free of all human pollution. Our business there means we contribute to enhancing the lifestyle of the local population, based on plant collection. Each year, we hold seasonal harvests to gather local plants for distillation. We take care to honor annual harvest site rotations to preserve renewal of resources.

Our processing units are powered by wood from maintenance logging in local forests, as well as post-distillation biomass. We also have a number of ways of reusing and reprocessing our non-recyclable residues and waste from extraction processes.

In the village of Pégomas, in the Grasse countryside, a special partner to Albert Vieille makes floral waters for us from emblematic plants, like Centifolia rose, as well as concretes and absolutes from local plants such as mimosa.