Albert Vieille goes to green energy

Regarding its CSR policy, Albert Vieille switched from its usual electricity provider, to a greener one, in 2017. Now, the whole company purchases renewable energy from Enercoop.

«This choice comes from our willingness to protect the environment while supporting the growth of French renewable energy capacity. We chose Enercoop mainly for two reasons. Firstly, because they are an established cooperative, and secondly their commitment to purchase only renewable energy from independent producers. They already support nearly 250 providers »: says Jennifer Riss, in charge of implementing the CSR policy within the company. Albert Vieille has become an Enercoop member and will take part in its activities, such as attending the annual meeting.

This change has been followed up by a training for the Albert Vieille employees, to put into places measures to help them reduce their energy impact. 

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