Albert Vieille Opens a Brand-New Logistics Center!

On November 23, Albert Vieille relocated its logistics center to Mouans Sartoux in order to support its undiminished growth over the past six years. Currently a new complex that is six times larger than its predecessor at 1,800 m2, the Company solidifies its status in the worldwide sale and production of aromatic raw materials. This major milestone culminates the celebration of 50 years of operation! 

This move permits the Company to:
– Enlarge its stock capacity three-fold
– Modernize its infrastructure and preparation material
– Reorganize its logistics flows by assigning areas for reception, storage, order preparation, packaging and shipment
– Meet quality requirements
– Increase efficiency by computerizing all steps in the supply chain
– Optimize the implementation of health and security standards and regulations
– Provide work stations with enhanced ergonomics
– Offer optimal accessibility for heavy-haul trucks

These improvements also coincide with the implementation of CEO Georges Ferrando’s new innovative model for governance: holacracy.

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