Arnaud Brondel appointed Company Manager of Albert Vieille following departure of Georges Ferrando

Following the retirement of Georges Ferrando at the end of 2019, after a career with Albert Vieille spanning more than 30 years, Givaudan appointed Mr. Arnaud Brondel as Company Manager for the enterprise. This new position will dovetail with his current role as Head of Human Resources.

The perfume and cosmetics business sector is a field that Arnaud Brondel knows well since he worked successively in the cosmetics and care products industry, before joining a perfume creation company. In 2018, at the age of 41, his career path led him to the very sources of such products at Albert Vieille, natural aromatic raw materials specialist. The company’s uncommon governance, exceptional savoir-faire, and remarkable dynamism, combined with Albert Vieille’s values and raison d’être, were deciding factors in his choosing to become a member of this staff.

Now, as Company Manager, he must oversee the in-house implementation of Group policies; he’s responsible of the societal and legal aspects.
This first mandate year will be underlined by his commitment and leadership to ensure the company’s integrated management system: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, and CSR practices.

Arnaud Brondel is determined to nurture and honor the remarkable legacy left by his predecessor, Georges Ferrando, with whom he will have spent two very rewarding years alongside, two years confirming the adequacy between his own personal values and those of the company.

There are many exciting challenges on the horizon.

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