Olibanum: an exceptional treat for your creations

Frankincense essential oil is best known for its healing properties which can be used for treating wounds. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-depressant*. It is characterised by notes of resin, wood and spice. Frankincense gum is converted into essential oil by hydrodistillation at our production centre in Spain. The main molecules are alpha-pinene (40%-51%), limonene (11-20%) and myrcene (4-7%).

Used since the first fragrances were created, frankincense develops easily at the heart of Oriental notes and brings a woody and terpenic freshness to the balm notes. It is recognised by its resinous, woody, terpenic and spicy aspects.
Frankincense gum is converted into resinoid at our production centre in Spain. There are around 10% of volatil components whose main known molecules are sesquiterpenes, fatty acids, boswellic acids and their derivatives.

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 * These aromatherapeutic properties are provided for information purposes only.

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