Plant of the month – April: Geranium bourbon

Geranium Bourbon essential oil is known for its floral, rosy, green, fruity, and minty notes. The rose and green notes of geranium bourbon bring a certain roundness to the aromatic and citrusy aspects of masculine perfumes. With antifungal, invigorating, and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used on oily, acne-prone skin, as well as dry skin. *

It is manually harvested 4 to 6 times a year using secateur, knife or sickle. This is carried out before it flowers.

Geranium Bourbon (Madagascar) essential oil is obtained via hydrodistillation. Its main constituents are citronellol (18-26%), geraniol (12-20%), citronellyl formate (6.5-11%), and linalool (8-11%).

* These aromatherapeutic properties are provided for information purposes only.

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