Ambrette seed


Hibiscus abelmoschus


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Our added value

To ensure the quality and continuity of this supply chain, our seeds come from two origins, Peru and Ecuador.
Our Ambrette seeds are responsibly sourced and collected by a network of small producers trained on seeding, herbicide free cultivation and harvesting techniques and supported by an economic plan.

Leveraging our 100 years of craftsmanship in Naturals, Ambrette seeds are transformed into absolute in our factory in Spain. The absolute is controlled and validated by Givaudan’s unique Fragrance expertise.

Ambrette has long been prized in perfumery because it is one of the rare ingredients to contain natural musk compounds, one of which is named after the plant, ambrettolide.

Our Ambrette Absolute revolves around earthy facets, fleeting nutty notes with silky & fruity undertones & nuances of liquor. It evolves into a powdery floral note of orris as it dries. With musky notes, it acts from the head to the base bringing texture and a long-lasting effect to the fragrance.

Hibiscus abelmoschus grows on mountain slopes and valleys. The yellow flowers with a purplish center, last only one day to soon become the fruit. These fruits are large fuzzy capsules that start out green and turn brown , contain the ambrette seeds.

Harvesting is done manually from May to September. The seeds are carefully separated from the shells and dried for about 2 days in the sun to reduce humidity. The seeds are then cleaned using a net where the impurities and non-exportable ambrette seeds are filtered out.

At Albert Vieille’s factory, the seeds are first distilled to draw out the fragrant molecules. The second step is to refine the essential oil using molecular distillation to get rid of the earthy notes and enhance the fruity and musky facets.

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