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We produce beeswax absolute in our manufacturing plant in Spain.

Beeswax finds exquisite expression in reconstitutions of opulent flowers, such as mimosa, or in balsamic notes. It is an excellent fixative and is used in numerous perfumery applications.

Beeswax is a natural raw material produced by honeybees in hives. When the worker bees reach a certain age, they develop wax-producing glands in their abdomen. These glands produce very delicate scales of transparent, colorless wax. This wax, which develops its golden color over time, is used to construct honeycombs. There are two different types of wax: frame wax, which used to make the cell structures, and cap wax, which is used to seal the cells. The wax used to produce our absolute is harvested from May to July, after the honey season is over. After harvesting, the beekeepers melt and filter the wax before forming it into beeswax blocks. We collect these blocks and process them in our production facilities in Almaden de la Plata, Spain.
Bees have long been part of a rich symbolic tradition: They are mentioned in the Bible, displayed on medieval shields, and adorn the flags, coins and coats of arms of the kings of France.

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