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Coffea arabica


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Our added value

This exceptional product, this sublimated coffee with warm and reassuring notes, is the result of an R&D development. We transform into an absolute the beans turned into vegetable oil by our partner producer.

Arabica coffee absolute is generally used in the base note of chocolate or vanilla accords. It is also used in tobacco or leather accords to give them a more intense and natural facet

Coffea arabica has a delicate, fragrant flavor that has led to its becoming the world’s most widely cultivated coffee species. There are over twenty natural varieties of C. arabica, including Mocha, Typica, and Bourbon.

The coffee beans used in our absolute come from high-altitude plantations on the volcanic chain of southern El Salvador. Situated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, the coffee trees enjoy consistent sunshine throughout the year. The harvest season only lasts a few months and the crop is harvested by hand. The harvesters handpick the coffee cherries by stripping the branches. The cherries are then sorted so only the red ones remain; they then undergo washing, depulping, and mucilage removal. The resulting beans are then dried for two weeks on sunny terraces until they reach a moisture content of 12%, at which point they are roasted.

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