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Citrus aurantifolia


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Fragrance side

The citral, fresh facet of the lime allows it to slip into many chords. First of all, the essential oil blends perfectly with other hesperides. It brings freshness and softness to floral and/or spicy accords. It is also traditionally used in a coca accord, with ginger and cinnamon.

Lime is a citrus fruit with acidic juice. It is produced by the lime tree, very similar to the lemon tree, but pricklier and less regular in shape. Like all citrus trees, the lime tree has great hybridization capacity and many varieties. Mexican lime is a variety called “key lime.” The main fruit harvest takes place in Mexico from March to November. Several extraction methods are used to obtain the lime essential oil: steam distillation, centrifugation, or grating the peel. Distilled Mexican lime essential oil is produced via steam distillation of crushed fruits. The fragrance is characteristically citrus, with a citrusy-zesty note, heightened by tangy, lemony notes.

Most likely native to Indonesia, lime rapidly colonized the Asian continent. Then, starting in India, it travelled through Persia, Palestine, and Egypt. Transported by the Arabs, it was introduced on the European continent around the same time as bitter orange and lemon. It was then imported to America in the early 13th century by Spanish and Portuguese explorers. Today, the lime tree grows wild or semi-wild in the jungles of South America.

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