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We produce the Luisieri essential oil in our production center in Spain.

Healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, skin regenerating.

*These aromatherapeutic properties are excerpted from specific works and are provided for information purposes only. They are not, under any circumstances, to be considered sufficient as a basis for any health claim or diagnosis for purposes of therapeutic application.

Described some decades ago by botanists such as A. Rozeira, Lavandula luisieri has only recently been explored chemically – probably because, being associated with the Stoechas group, it was, for a long time, misidentified. The properties of Seville Lavender essential oil and absolute have little in common with those associated with Lavendula officinalis or lavandin. Their fragrances, in particular, are completely different.

Seville Lavender is endemic to the southwest of the Iberian peninsula. It is an erect bush (50 to 75 cm high) bearing light green leaves on new growth and more greyish ones at the base. Its narrow leaves grow up to the beginning of the floral head. These heads are made up of numerous small dark violet flowers, mainly vertically aligned, and by green bracts that will turn mauve later on. Heads are crowned by elongated bractea of blue-mauve hue.
In the vicinity of Almaden de la Plata – where we have our production facilities – Lavender Luisieri grows in the wild among other fragrant plants, including cistus. The lavender is gathered in full bloom (April to May depending on the weather) by using a sickle, according to the traditional method, and fully respecting the environment. The harvested plants are brought to our facility and quickly steam distilled (for essential oil) or solvent extracted (for absolute).

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