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Helichrysum angustifolium


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Everlasting is a protected species in Provence (since 1994) and in Corsica, and its gathering is regulated. Growing it for harvest is the best guarantee of its preservation in the wild.
The organic certification on this product guarantees climate and environment protection, conservation of soil fertility, preservation of biodiversity, respect of the natural cycles of the plants, and absence of use of chemical and synthetic products.

The organic certification guarantees transparent labelling for consumers and traceability.

Not widely used in fine perfumery, the essential oil of Corsican everlasting stands out by its character, its power and its characteristic curry notes. It offers personality and depth to floral, chypre or amber compositions and will perfectly combine with amber notes.

Anti-hematoma, regenerating, circulatory draining, soothing for the body. Ideal for emotional shock, it encourages the healing of psychological wounds, brings inner peace, helps to stop mental rumination and spiritual dispersion.

*The aromatherapy properties in this document are excerpted from reference books, scientific articles, or specialized websites and are provided to customer for its information and internal use only. Claims on a finished product remain the responsibility of the company making the finished product available on the market.

Italian Helichrysum or Corsican everlasting is a perennial herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean basin. Its Latin name, Helichrysum italicum subsp. italicum, indicates that it is closely related to Spanish everlasting, with which it shares its botanical species and genus. The flowers of Corsican everlasting emit a subtle, spicy smell resembling curry, hence its nickname of “curry plant.” This small bush has grayish-green foliage covered with a silvery-white down. Everlasting is prized for its clusters of golden yellow flowers. The flowers are harvested manually, once they have bloomed, during the months of June and July. Everlasting is reaped in such a way as to maintain a certain plant height to promote regrowth in future years. After picking, the flowers are distilled to obtain precious everlasting essential oil, widely used for its healing and anti-aging properties in perfumery and cosmetics. French everlasting essential oil possesses an herbaceous, spicy smell, while essential oil from Balkan everlasting has a slightly syrupy dimension.

Everlasting flowers remain eternally in bloom even after being cut, thus their French name “immortal” and English name “everlasting.” This plant has been known since ancient times where it used in worshiping the sun. In Greek mythology, everlasting flowers were woven into wreathes to adorn the statues of Minerva and Apollo. Corsican everlasting is becoming an increasingly scarce plant: In many areas of the Mediterranean basin, it is protected in the wild to preserve the species. Everlasting is a member of the Asteraceae botanical family, which includes many other aromatic plants, such as davana, tarragon, and Roman chamomile.

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