Peppermint India

Essential oil

Mentha piperita


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Product details

Well-being side

Analgesic, general tonic, antibacterial, refreshing. Cephalic, it clears the mind and stimulates the spirit, allowing to focus on the important aspects of life.

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Peppermint is a perennial herbaceous plant, which spreads out in the form of an aromatic leafy carpet. Its crenellated leaves are covered with small secretory hairs containing the odoriferous principles. They give off a powerful minty fragrance when crumpled. From the top of the upright stems, often streaked with dark purple, small parma pink flowers are grouped in ears. The peppermint is a hybrid resulting from the crossing between the aquatic mint or Mentha aquatica and the frizzy mint or Mentha spicata. Mints have a great power of hybridization. It is enough to plant two different mint plants side by side to see appearing a new intermediate form. Sterile, it multiplies by spreading out by underground stems. The aerial parts are mowed during the flowering period between May and August. The essential oil resulting from distillation is powerful, minty and herbaceous with a peppery strength.

Peppermint, a member of the Lamiaceae family, shares that grouping with other famous botanical herbs such as melissa, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and basil. In the genus Mentha, there are mild mints containing carvone (spearmint), linalool mints with a subtle citrus fragrance (bergamot mint), and powerful, menthol mints like peppermint and Mentha arvensis. Most likely native to England, peppermint is now cultivated in the United States (main producer), India, Russia, and France.

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