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Anthemis nobilis


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Albert Vieille has set up partnerships with French farmer-processors. These partnerships include support of producers in the development of their activity, from field cultivation to distillation. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and the transmission of know-how through the organisation of inter-producer meetings

Roman chamomile essential oil blends perfectly with leather or tannic accords. The olfactory qualities of Roman chamomile blend with both floral feminine perfumes and aromatic masculine perfumes.

Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, calms anxiety and agitation, facilitates falling asleep. Promotes emotional balance in people who are tense and irritable, releases self-imposed patterns, soothes fears and anxieties.

*These aromatherapeutic properties are excerpted from specific works and are provided for information purposes only. They are not, under any circumstances, to be considered sufficient as a basis for any health claim or diagnosis for purposes of therapeutic application.

Roman chamomile is native to Europe and north Africa. It is an iconic plant of the Chemillé region, where it was imported in the early 19th century by Parisian herbalist Pierre-Aimé Godillon. There are two main varieties: Flore pleno with double flowers, and Treneague with single flowers. The most widely used is the double flowered variety, which is easily recognised by its white flower heads that look like pompoms. This variety is sterile and is usually propagated in autumn using cuttings.

Roman chamomile blooms in June and July. It is harvested mechanically when the first faded flowers start to appear. Roman chamomile is often harvested in the afternoon. As soon as it is picked, Roman chamomile must be distliled to prevent any fermentation and to prevent the essential oil from any loss in terms of quality.

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