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Rosa damascena


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We have been working with our farmer-processor partners for several years. Concrete work is carried out on site and then we process it into absolute in our facilities in Seville.

The rose is known as the queen of the flowers and is an essential raw material of perfumery. It is also an essential ingredient in the chypre accord. The essential oil and absolute are often used together in a composition, with the absolute in the heart and the essential oil in the top note.

The origin of the Damask rose is still enshrouded in mystery, with speculation that it is from Asia Minor or the Middle East. It takes its name from the city of Damascus, the capital of Syria.
Today, three countries are best known for cultivating this rose and producing its essential oil or absolute: Turkey, Bulgaria, and Morocco. Turkey is now the world’s leading producer of roses for perfumery and has four producing regions, Afyon, Isparta, Denizli, and Budur.
The rose, known as gül in Turkish, has been an essential element of Ottoman traditions for many centuries. Guests were offered rose water, for example, both in the palace and private homes. This light, fragrant water was stored in copper jugs known as kumgans. The rose also has a role in the country’s culinary culture, such as in the famous loukoum, or Turkish Delight, a sweet, jellied cube made from starch and sugar.

The pickers gather the blooms at dawn, when the justopened flowers are still very moist. The harvest period lasts 30 to 35 days

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