Rosemary ct camphor Spain

Essential oil

Rosmarinus officinalis CT camphre


General data

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Product details

Well-being side

Antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Helps people who are losing their bearings and whose certainties are being shattered.

*The aromatherapy properties in this document are excerpted from reference books, scientific articles, or specialized websites and are provided to customer for its information and internal use only. Claims on a finished product remain the responsibility of the company making the finished product available on the market.

R. officinalis is a dense and aromatic bush native to the Mediterranean basin. Its evergreen foliage is made up of small, needle-like leaves that are dark green on top and silvery below. The flowers are small and vary in color from purple to blue to nearly white. The name rosemary (romarin in French) is believed to come from the Latin ros marinus, meaning dew of the sea, a reference to the plant’s abundant presence on the Mediterranean coasts and islands, or from the Greek rhops myrinos, meaning aromatic bush.

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