Tuberose India


Agave ssp. ex Polianthes tuberosa


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As an opulent flower, Tuberose is generally used in perfumery, more rarely in luxury cosmetics. It is sometimes found on its own, simply accented with different notes, but more often than not, tuberose is used in powerful floral bouquets with other opulent notes.

Our 100% pure and natural tuberose absolute comes from polyanthes tuberosa. Tuberose is widely cultivated in southern India, like jasmine. At the end its long, erect stem, the tuberose, polyanthes tuberosa in Latin, bears delicate, white, star-shaped flowers, evenly clustered, releasing one of the most captivating fragrances in the plant world. The flower of sweethearts, illicit lovers, and newlyweds, it leaves in its wake a heady, unquestionably seductive fragrance. Native to Mexico, the first tuberose bulbs were imported in 1530 by a French missionary, who is said to have secretly planted them in a monastery garden near Toulon. The tuberose then spread throughout Provence and the plant is still found there. Today, tuberose is grown extensively in southern India, which boasts an ideal climate for the plant.

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