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Gaultheria procumbens


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Albert Vieille is currently involved in a thesis project to certify the naturalness of essential oils such as wintergreen. At the 2019 ISEO congress in Vienna, the Best Poster award went to “Authentication of the naturalness of wintergreen essential oils by gas chromatography, isotope ratio mass spectrometry and radiocarbon assessment.”

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, analgesic. Warms, structures the body and mind in pain.

*The aromatherapy properties in this document are excerpted from reference books, scientific articles, or specialized websites and are provided to customer for its information and internal use only. Claims on a finished product remain the responsibility of the company making the finished product available on the market.

Gaultheria procumbens is native to the wooded regions of North America. It is also known as Wintergreen. This used to be the term for plants that stay green throughout the year, even in winter, which are now more commonly known as evergreen. Gaultheria procumbens has glossy, elliptical and slightly jagged leaves. In summer, the plant is adorned with white flowers in the shape of tiny bells, which turn into glossy red berries.

In China, wintergreen leaves are harvested from May to July from wild plants. They are then macerated in warm water overnight to allow the release of the methyl salicylate molecules, which are the main component of wintergreen essential oil.

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