The Albert Vieille 100% pure and natural charter means the company supplies only products of excellence!

Wholly committed to natural aromatic raw materials, Albert Vieille has developed a “100% pure and natural” charter to ensure the quality and traceability of all its products. We at Albert Vieille – wholly dedicated to the world of natural aromatic raw materials – make an unshakeable commitment in the form of our “100% pure and natural” charter, guaranteeing the quality and traceability of all our products. Each of our raw materials has a story all its own, and the soul of the material is revealed through our meticulous selection standards and practices. Albert Vieille offers only aromatic products that are 100% pure, meaning they are from botanically identified plants of single geographic origin. The products are also 100% natural, as they are obtained through physical processes, undergoing no chemical modification or denaturation by petrochemical-derived molecules.