In the pages of this marvelous work, beneath our very eyes, the soul of an entire region – that of Grasse, Vallauris, and Golfe-Juan – is unveiled. With words and watercolors, Roseline Ferrando Vieille has poetically given voice to the song of our land.

She invites us to share in the detail of refined techniques for growing and harvesting perfume plants, the transformation of these treasures into essential oils and absolutes, and the paths leading from the soil of the hills to the pottery kilns.

Through vibrant, warm testimonials, we are drawn into an intimate world, the savoir-faire and local traditions of southern France. Coulanes is a stroll along the byways of reminiscence, tracing the paths of the Albert Vieille company, the life of this family, and its cherished connections, spanning generations, with fragrance. This work, published separately in both French and English, will soon be available for purchase.