Albert Vieille SAS cares deeply about environmental issues and shares and supports the convictions and objectives of the Provence-based, non-profit association Abeilles Attitude to protect bees and their habitats.

In response to the increasing decline in bee populations, which are essential to fruit and vegetable pollination, Abeilles Attitude developed the Développement Naturel de l’Apiculture Durable method (DNAD, “Natural Development of Sustainable Beekeeping”). This system works to significantly increase natural populations of native bees by installing, in a natural environment, a thirty-hive apiary that will swarm in a two-year period.

This method has two recognized benefits:
• The immediate presence of 1.3 million bees in the chosen area, with an immediate impact on flora and pollination
• Half the bee colonies double in size each year, giving birth to swarms that naturally colonize the surrounding environment.

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