The Orchid Mystique event hosted by the American Society of Perfumers in the New York Botanical Gardens was a great success!

This very special evening, dedicated to the artistic process and technical know-how, united the fragrance industry for networking and product development, and showcased perfumer artistry. Master perfumers recreated and interpreted the fragrances of magnificent scented orchids using aromatic raw materials.

Master perfumer Felix Buccellato, taking inspiration from the Cattleya Drumbeat orchid, composed an elegant fragrance using 100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials furnished by Albert Vieille. Essential oils of cistus, Balsam of Peru, styrax, along with osmanthus and labdanum absolutes, were his ingredients in recreating the subtle, sweet, gourmand, floral perfume the cattleya. Albert Vielle, which sponsored the event with its U.S. distributor The Lermond Company, is a proactive partner supporting the artistic process of perfumer-creators.