It is deep within the Almaden de la Plata Regional Park, near Seville, Spain, that Albert Vieille established a production center forty years ago. This site boasts a profusion of authentic, unspoiled nature where Cistus ladaniferus, or Cistus ladaniferus var beta maculatus Dun, flourishes, the only plant with amber notes, renowned for its olfactory depth.

Nestled in fields of cistus – stretching as far as the eye can see – our eight distillation, rectification, and solvent-extraction units bring into being the products bearing the name of Albert Vieille: cistus and labdanum essential oils, gums, concretes, and absolutes. Our factory also processes iconic and precious perfume plants sourced from our agricultural partners, such as tonka bean, iris, myrrh, and frankincense.

Learn about all our Cistus ladaniferus products:

- Cistus complete essential oil

- Cistus tradition essential oil

- Cistus absolute

- Clear labdanum absolute


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