Albert Vieille will be attending SIMPPAR to present its range of products made from Cistus ladanifer, with incomparable amber notes, as well as other precious, iconic perfumery materials, such as iris, rose, and jasmine. This event is also your opportunity to smell our latest creation, a coffee extract with a rich, powerful, enveloping fragrance!

It was forty years ago that Albert Vieille established a production center nestled in the vast fields of cistus near Seville, Spain. This is how cistus, labdanum, and all their derivatives have become the signatures of the Albert Vieille company. The same site is responsible for developing floral absolutes from concretes, essential oils, and resinoids from gum or dry plant matter. Albert Vieille is the specialist in 100% pure and natural products, offering you only the most exceptional ingredients!

Experience our aromatic products at the SIMPPAR show in Paris, Stand 6, June 10-11, 2015, or learn more on our website,