Abert Vieille is taking part in the CORPO 35 project

Spreading perfume culture and nurturing new talent: the Corpo35 Academy’s objective since 2015. For the 4th time, young fragrance designers will let their noses do the talking while working on the following theme: EMBLEMATIC FLOWERS OF THE PAYS DE GRASSE

The 2020 event is sponsored by Grasse ExpertiseTM, within which a committee has been created for this year’s event, of which we are members. The committee’s members provided the participants with the raw materials, and will also provide the optimal technical and logistical conditions for the young talent to work in.
Anne-Louise Gautier, perfumer (Expressions Parfumées) and jury president, concocted a creative briefing that celebrated the Emblematic Flowers of the Pays de Grasse.
Armelle Janody, producer of fragrant plants and president of the “Fleurs d’exception du Pays de Grasse”, will take the opportunity to provide some insight on her profession and to talk about the Grasse area as an inspiring environment for sustainable agriculture.
Important dates:
February 2020: submission of preliminary drafts
May 2020: jury meeting to choose the 5 best fragrances
15th June 2020: award ceremony in Grasse at the International Perfume Museum
2021: marketing of the winning fragrances
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