ESAT partnership is renewed

Initiated by Georges Ferrando in 2008, the ESAT “Les Restanques” partnership (ESAT – a French centre for vocational rehabilitation) in Grasse, centred on the production of organic rosa centifolia, has now been renewed for a further 10 years. This partnership is important to Albert Vieille SAS as a company because it represents more than just a simple contract, it is a social initiative that resonates strongly with our primary purposes.

A thousand rosa centifolia plants were planted ten years ago. Since then, the plantations have expanded and new plants bloom generously each year for all to enjoy.
ESAT “Les Restanques” provides adults with disabilities and autism the chance to enrol in a vocational enterprise of which they are co-authors and stakeholders. The institution promotes gaining skills and professional expertise, provides training and learning, and seeks to further develop independence through various production activities. One of these activities involves workers participating in the cultivation of an organic rosa centifolia rose garden, which we operate as part of the partnership.

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