New scientific publication about the analysis of the authentication of Alliaceae

In keeping with the work carried out by the Institut des Sciences Analytiques ISA-UMR 5280 CNRS Lyon 1 ENS Lyon and the company Albert Vieille as part of a CIFRE thesis, we are proud to announce the publication of a new article on the analysis of the authentication of essential oils and more particularly essential oils from different species of Alliaceae, like leek, onion, chives etc.

Allium species essential oils are primarily used in the food industry, but due to their low yield, production quantities can be difficult to achieve and thus can be highly expensive. Regarding these problems, adulterations are a reality in this field. The purpose of this research is to develop a multi element stable isotope analysis methodology for authentication of the essential oils of leek, onion, shallot, and chive.

Naturalness of these essential oils was achieved by assessment of compound specific δ13C and δ34S: an addition of 5% of synthetic compound can be detected. Chemometric models were undertaken to assess purity by distinction of the Allium samples according to their species origin using bulk stable and compound specific δ13C, δ2H, δ34S, and compositions of their major metabolites dipropyl disulfide, dipropyl trisulfide, methyl propyl disulfide, and methyl propyl trisulfide.

Albert Vieille is still leading other naturalness authentication research, on other aromatic raw materials.

Read the scientific article: Journal Food Control

Title: Multi-element (13C, 2H and 34S) bulk and compound-specific stable isotope analysis for authentication of Allium species essential oils

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