Orange blossom absolute: it’s all about Spain!

Coming from a full traceable supply chain, Albert Vieille presents its Orange Blossom Absolute from Spain. This floral and fresh absolute is the result of our centennial expertise in distillation and extraction of the Orange Blossom and of our establishment in Andalusia for more than 30 years.  

Believing that traditions are worth protecting, we have worked with local producers with the aim to secure the historical bitter orange supply chain of Seville. The farming is done without pesticides in a traditional orchard near the Seville harbor. Harvested in early spring, the flowers are directly brought to our facilities nearby, in jute bags, to be transformed first into concrete and then into absolute.

Albert Vieille orange blossom absolute from Spain defines itself by fresher, greener and more methylated notes. This absolute is very balanced and fits in many types of perfumes including colognes, chypre, amber, floral bouquets and orientals.

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