Nouvel Air foundation

Since 2016 the purpose of the Nouvel Air foundation, created on the initiative of the company Albert Vieille SAS, is to improve the quality of indoor air by providing local purification solutions and olfactory information. The foundation was clearly created in line with Albert Vieille’s fundamental purpose: “To restore, as a conscious and conscientious organization, the link between human beings and nature through aromatic raw materials”. It is also in keeping with its desire to contribute to community life in Grasse through its expertise and know-how in essential oils.

In March 2019, Nouvel Air published the outcome of its first study – carried out in collaboration with the Hospital of Grasse – in the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy. The hospital team chose Grasse, the perfume capital, to offer aromatherapy treatments to cancer patients to help them handle tough treatments and improve their everyday lives. The project began in 2014 and is available today in several different formats: olfactory workshops held monthly, aromatic touch-relaxation, essential oil diffusion and aromatherapy protocols. This program was a natural choice for Nouvel Air foundation to be associated with.

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