Organic centifolia rose campaign in Grasse

The organic centifolia rose campaign started on 29 April at our 2 organic producers’ farms in Grasse. Every morning from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m., flower pickers pick the day’s open flowers by hand with the dew. “The harvest is the result of a year’s work”, Barbara Thaneron and her student organic perfume plant growers in Grasse told us emotionally.

Our production team has taken over in Vallauris where our mobile distillery is distilling the fresh flowers into organic May rose water. So far there has been a steady harvest with buds opening little by little. With the mild temperatures forecast for this weekend we expect a lot of flowers to open! Also, our organic centifolia rose fields in Correns in the Var are covered in buds, so the harvest will go ahead in a few days…

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