Just in time for summer, Albert Vieille is adding five new 100% pure and natural products to the catalogue, ingredients that will bring a touch of freshness and gourmandise to your compositions.


Experience the fruity fragrance of our blackcurrant bud absolute, with entrancingly original animalic notes that will wrap your creations in a potent scent with leathery facets. Enjoy the citrusy lightness of our red mandarin essential oil, with delightful, tangy, bittersweet notes. Also test our bergapten-free bergamot essential oil, with the fixative properties that are so highly prized in perfumery and cosmetics. If an herbaceous scent is what you seek, try the minty notes of our dill essential oil or the amber notes of our clary sage absolute.

You will find the data sheets for these products on our website, with complete technical specifications and the option to request samples. Our sales team will reply promptly.