In 2015, at our production site nestled in the vast fields surrounding the village of Almaden de la Plata, Spain, cistus labdanum production continues to gain momentum. The harvest began sooner this year than last year because of the hot weather this past spring. As early as June, the cistus plants were already heavily laden with gum to withstand the scorching heat of the sun’s rays.

The ambery cistus scent perfumes the scrubland every year from June to October. This year, we have fifteen cistus-cutter crews supplying our production units with rich bundles of the plant. Harvesting cistus, a plant that has been collected for 50 years in the village of Almaden de la Plata, is still a traditional activity performed manually using a sickle. Cutting begins at sunrise and ends at 11 a.m. to ensure more comfortable working conditions. Cutters only work with cistus plants that are three to four years of age, sufficiently mature to produce the precious gum.
Further, only the year’s green shoots – the most fragrant – are collected, leaving the rest of the plant in the ground to allow regrowth the following year. Preserving these vast swaths of cistus is naturally an integral part of the local culture, and we at Albert Vieille SAS take great care to ensure the traceability of the local cistus supply chain.

We have increased our production quantities by 30% this year, yet our pricing remains stable.