Albert Vieille is a member of several expert commissions, such as the AFNOR, the French Pharmacopoeia Commission. We also work closely with the collaborative analytical platform ERINI (European Research Institute on Natural Ingredients) and the CNRS (French national scientific research center) in Lyon, helping to expand the knowledge base on aromatic raw materials, including questions of naturalness and purity.

Aided by our agricultural partners, Albert Vieille has developed a fully traced supply chain for Thymus zygis in Spain. This makes it possible for us to better anticipate seed selection and supply, the growth rates of nursery plants, agricultural production, and the processing of red thyme essential oil.

At Albert Vieille, it is essential for us to be at the source, so we have chosen to work with growers who truly care about the purity and naturalness of this raw material. This means we can supply red thyme essential oil that is consistently monitored for both quality and availability. By developing this supply chain, we are also contributing to the social and agricultural development of a region in southern Spain: Red thyme farming is a traditional activity in this region, one that we want to ensure has a lasting future.

For a number of years, we have focused on careful botanical selection for this species. As a result, we can now offer 100% pure and natural red thyme essential oil that meets ISO 14715: 2010 quality standards.

The excellence of 100% pure and natural to render your creations all the more exquisite!