This year the Chamomile Roman production is abundant. There are only 20 days to harvest this white lady and extract its so appreciated essential oil. In the Po lowland, in Italy, the exclusive harvest for Albert Vieille, is booming since the 6th of July. Albert Vieille has developed a partnership with Italian farmers, in the Piemont territory, gathering several hectares, for five years.

The Chamomile Roman essential oil is produced by distillation, directly in the truck box or in underground tank. Both technics warm directly the plants with steam water. The odor molecules are carried in the steam, which is then condensed in an essencier. One ton of plants is needed to produce one kilo of essential oil. It takes between one hour and one hour and half to be done. Find out all about this essential oil with fruity, syrupy, and pear notes on our catalog product.