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Elettaria cardamomum


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A local partnership has been established in the native region of cardamom, the Kerala area in India, the cradle of spices, where cardamom is harvested according to the historical and traditional skills of local communities and processed locally.

The cardamom fruit is processed whole – seed and husk. The husk has no odor of its own, but its fatty acids add a unique richness to the raw material, giving it a sweet, slightly cocoa-like note after evaporation. The first step is the CO2 extraction at low critical temperature, avoiding product’s adulteration and maintaining a more natural olfactive profile. The second step is to wash the obtained CO2 extract with ethanol to remove insoluble molecules.

Used as modifying agents, spices offer strength, character and a unique emotional signature. They make a fragrance pulsate and resonate, giving it life.
This unique Cardamom CO2 Absolute has a fresh and spicy, slightly chocolate note demonstrating all its potential at evaporation stage and evolving into a candied mandarin dimension.
This exclusive ingredient reveals and highlights underestimated facets through unique combination of extraction methods. This crafting with purpose sublimates the ingredient through unknown or unexpected olfactive notes.

The farming of cardamom only began in the 19th century. It was picked in the mountains of the Western Ghats and exported to the Persian Gulf, China and Japan, or auctioned in the ports to rich Arab traders.

Cardamom plants normally begin to bear fruit two years after planting.
Harvesting takes place three months after flowering and before the fruits open to release the fruits meaning they are fully ripe.
In most parts of India, the harvest period is between September and November.
Once harvested, cardamom is left to dry for two weeks to a month. It is processed whole – seed and husk – by first extracting with supercritical CO2 and then by washing the resulting extract with alcohol.

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