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Salvia sclarea


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Clary sage essential oil can be used to highlight opulent flowers such as rose or jasmine.

Essential oil of menstrual disorders, it is antispasmodic. It calms emotionality and anxiety and promotes sleep.

*The aromatherapy properties in this document are excerpted from reference books, scientific articles, or specialized websites and are provided to customer for its information and internal use only. Claims on a finished product remain the responsibility of the company making the finished product available on the market.

Clary sage is a tall perennial plant with long, erect, hairy stems topped with very geometric white-pink flower spikes. The velvety, aromatic, gray-green leaves release a pleasant, musky, honeyed smell when crushed. The small, glandular hairs found on the above-ground plant parts are what contain the characteristics fragrant substances. The “green crushed” essential oil is extracted from the fresh botanic material. The above-ground parts are harvested during the blooming period and distilled fresh from the fields. The resulting essential oil exudes a gentle, herbaceous fragrance with a dry amber bottom note reminiscent of tobacco. The tradition-quality essential oil is produced from dried raw material and differs little from the “green crushed” quality.

Salvia comes from the Latin salveo and salvaro, terms that mean “save,” and clarus, meaning “clear” or “clarify.” The plant’s medicinal properties have been recognized since ancient times, leading to nicknames like “all good” or “wound grass.” Viewed as a treasure of the gods, the scent of clary sage was known to lead to divine illumination, according to the great sages of India, the Rhisis. Probably native to western Asia and southern and central Europe, clary sage is now grown in France, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Russia.

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