Vanilla Madagascar


Vanilla planifolia


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Product details

Our added value

Fostering a strong supply relationship with thousands of local smallholder producers, while supporting the producing communities in the SAVA region of Madagascar.
Along with the Givaudan Foundation, more than 3,000 vanilla farmers and their communities are involved in a programme to develop the local healthcare infrastructure and promote food security and education.

Full traceability at the producer level: the pods are sourced from crops in the SAVA region of northern Madagascar

Leveraging our 100 years of craftsmanship in Naturals, Vanilla pods are transformed into absolute in our factory in Spain. The absolute is controlled and validated by Givaudan’s unique Fragrance expertise.

Our Vanilla absolute is rich, sweet, creamy, woody and spicy, with facets of leather, caramel and tobacco. Mysterious and exotic, it brings warmth, sensuality and long-lastingness to the fragrance. This powerful ingredient startles us by its duality between childhood memories and sensuality.

In Mexico, where Vanilla planifolia is native, the flowers are mainly pollinated by Melipona bees. After pollination, the orchid’s liana gives a fruit, the precious vanilla pods. Due to the absence of Melipona bees in Madagascar, there is a necessity of human intervention to pollinate the vanilla flowers with a stick and a flip of the thumb.

The green pods are hand-picked at full maturity when gulcovanillin, the precursor of vanillin, is at its peak. The green pods are scalded for a few minutes in water at 60-70°C which releases enzymes crucial to the olfactory development of the vanilla. Under the action of heat and humidity, the enzymes transform the glucovanillin into vanillin. The beans are slowly dehydrated – part of the day on blankets under direct sun exposure, the other part in the shade wrapped again and stored to keep as much heat as possible. This process takes 3 to 4 weeks.

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