Everlasting picardii Spain


Helichrysum italicum var. picardii


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It was during the war in the Balkans – in the late 1990s – that Albert Vieille began to harvest this variety of Everlasting, as the conflict had disrupted the supply of the italicum variety grown in that region. To address this shortage, Albert Vieille opted for the picardii variety, which grows wild near our production plant in Almaden de la Plata. Our teams regularly go on site to support our partners in improving their harvesting practices. The absolute is processed in our facilities in Spain.

Everlasting picardii absolute is amber-like and floral, blending well with chypre heart notes, floral bouquets, and amber accords.

The picardii subspecies of immortelle grows wild in the Doñana National Park nature reserve in Andalusia, Spain. Due to its great biotope diversity, the park has been recognized as a biosphere reserve since 1980. The park is also a bird refuge and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1994.

The harvest is spread over one or two months, from June to July, during the flowering period. The picardiii subspecies grows spontaneously in sparse expanses of unequal size, spread over vast tracts of land and in hard-to-reach areas, and is therefore harvested with a sickle.
The sickle harvest helps to preserve the plant’s integrity and ensure it can regrow the following year. Once cut, the flowering tops are grouped into small bundles to be transported to the processing site.

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