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We have been collaborating for more than 10 years with our partner who collects the flowers and ensures their transformation into concrete. We then transform it into an absolute in our production plant in Spain.

Frangipani flower absolute is primarily used to add opulence to floral bouquets. Its methylated, spicy facets are also a perfect addition to solar or tobacco accords.

Relaxing, it relieves stress and makes you travel.

*These aromatherapeutic properties are excerpted from specific works and are provided for information purposes only. They are not, under any circumstances, to be considered sufficient as a basis for any health claim or diagnosis for purposes of therapeutic application.

Native to Central America, Plumeria alba is a tree with a gnarled trunk and short, twisting branches. Its white, spiral-shaped flowers with yellow centers bloom from early spring to autumn.
One of the theories on the origin of the word frangipani comes from an anecdote about Italian botanist Mutio Frangipani’s voyage to the Antilles in 1493. The air off the coast of Antigua was filled with the opulent fragrance of these flowers. Mutio Frangipani explained to the sailors on his ship that this scent came from plumeria flowers. Following this voyage, the first plumeria flower extract was christened with the botanist’s name.

In India, the frangipani flower harvest is based on demand, rather than the availability of the flowers. The flowers are gathered when all the leaves have fallen from the tree and only the flowers remain.

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