Luisieri Organic Spain

Essential oil

Lavandula stoechas subsp. luisieri


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Product details

Our added value

We are committed to supporting the community of Almaden de la Plata.  We are therefore participating in the improvement of the community life. We employ several local collectors and guarantee them a fair wage.

In the mountains of Seville and Huelva, the Luisieri grows. Our production plant is located a few kilometers away from these hills. This proximity with the harvesting area limits our ecological footprint.

Luisieri is a wild plant, the management and control of the resource can be particularly difficult. To ensure the preservation of the resource and its ecosystem, we control and improve our good harvesting practices, we collaborate with the local environmental agency, and offer a certified organic product respectful of the environment.

To differentiate the Luisieri from other local subspecies, we hired a botanist. Today, our collectors are accompanied by a forest engineer (Maria Lavao, member of our procurement team working from our production site in Spain and in charge of the Luisieri harvest).

We have elaborated a detailed cartography of the areas where the Luisieri grows.

Established since 1991 in Almaden de la Plata, at the North of Seville in Spain, our factory has developed a strong expertise in distillation: team of expert technicians and dedicated distillation units.

Soothing for the skin and antioxidant, soothing and comforting for the overworked body, supporting daily stress.

*The aromatherapy properties in this document are excerpted from reference books, scientific articles, or specialized websites and are provided to customer for its information and internal use only. Claims on a finished product remain the responsibility of the company making the finished product available on the market.

The luisieri has long been misidentified, confused with other lavenders found in the same area. It was in 1992, during a thesis on the genus Lavandula of the Iberian Peninsula, that I. Garcia-Vallejo revealed the singularity of this plant and its essential oil.
For the first time, a molecule of the cyclopentenic terpenoid group – present in the defensive secretions of Necrodes surinamensis, a Central American beetle – has been identified in the plant kingdom, alphanecrodol.

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